International Mischief

12 songs of Protest on a variety of bugbears and current absurdities, recorded by a collective of Scotlands most individual and eloquent musicians. We're not trying to make a hit record, we're just trying to make a difference.

Anger into Art, produced with compassion, hired and loaned Virtuosity, Fury, Care, Humour and Love. A Concept Album, a collection of protests in a specific order, targetting difficult subjects and gradually revealing a Philosophy of Action via Music, Art or any other means.

These songs are responses to the topics witnessed, that seem to be unassailable permanent fixtures in the society I live in as well as toxic venoumous ticks embedded across the wider journey of humanity. The issues are Global and Local, Geographically and Socio-Culturally specific, Personal and Universal, Historical and Contemporary, Real and Imagined and tackled from within combined minority Artforms (Jazz and Protest Songs), that may yet reveal and remind us of the relevance and true value of Music and Songs as a Positive voice for change. The subjects will be familiar to most, the experiences uncomfortably common to many and the damage done to the future by continued tolerance of 'ugly truths' should be vanquished, by the application of intelligence from every direction and in every form available, immediately or sooner.

We will have to fight for the future. My weapon of choice is the song form and my chosen comrades in arms all keen and proven champions of their Instruments, Environment and Imagination.

Silence is Collusion. All Genuine responses of support or outrage, are warmly welcomed as are all donations (support) , via purchase through Bandcamp.




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