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"Do That" - ..... Mario - Fretless, Brian - Piano, John - Drums, Kevin - Keys - Perc - Guitars - Mandolin and vocals

- is a rant against television/ the media/ lifestyles etc and their hold on the world . The 2nd of my songs that i had sung and then found the recordings mysteriously did not offend my musical sensitivities.

"When The Jazz Musician Sings" .... "Mario - Double bass, Brian - Piano, John - Drums, Kevin - Guitars and vocals, Alex + Maisie Rae - Handclaps and atmosphere.

- should be self - explanatory, if not then ....

"Guilty" ....... John - Drums, Christine - backing vocal, Walter - clarinets, Tony and Jason Sellars - sax and Trumpet, Kevin - Keys - Perc - Guitars - Mandolin - Bass and vocals .

- a rant against apathy and a plea to focus our attentions on the poverty and political abuse we watch being fostered worldwide.... this ones for my son, who was in Guatemala on VSO in 2007 and for Mario, Julio and Fredy.

'Spider In A Bathtub" .......... "Mario - Double bass, Brian - Piano, John - Drums, Christine - Cello, Mick - backing vocal, Kevin-Guitars - Rhodes and vocals,

- my contribution to the world wildlife conservation argument. Dedicated to all those ladies out there that suffer from anacraphobia.

"Must have been A Cowboy" ........ "Mario - Double bass, Brian - Piano, John - Drums - perc, Sandy - Acoustic guitar, Frank - Harmonica, Kevin - Guitars - Mandolin - Bass and vocals,

- is a rant aimed at re-incarnation and all those who claim they were ancient royalty. Also a reminder that we are only here thanks to the struggles, luck and /or karma of our families.

"Shadows In The Dark" ..... "Mario - Double bass, Brian - Piano, John - Drums, Kevin - Guitars and vocals

- is a rant on file-sharing, downloading music for free or stealing, whichever description suits best. It only ends one way.

"Angels Tears" ..... The Stanes - the loop, Kevin - everything else

- for all that suffer from melancholia, SAD, depression, the bi-polar phenomena, the human condition, unhappiness, lonliness etc .. ie the human condition.

"Time Goes On" ..... "Mario-Double bass, Brian-Piano, John-Drums, Phil Bancroft - Tenor Sax, Kevin - Guitars and vocals.

- a rant against the biological clock and a primer for budding soloists

"New Day" Walt - clarinet, John Whyte - macaferri, Stod - Drums-Perc, Calum - Double bass, Frank - Trombone, Tony - Alto, Jason - flugel, Alain - Macafferi, Kevin - guitar - vocals

- should parents be licensed, or at least tested prior to raising kids.

"Las Canteras" ..... Fredy - Drums - backing vocals, Julio - Cuttro - backing vocals, David - backing vocal, Kevin - guitars - mandolina - bass - perc - vocals.

- a rant against the ageing process and a celebration of a time of youth and an era of golden promise. For John, Julio and Fredy.